Guide for Organization Managers (Coaches, Team Managers, Club Presidents)

Look here for information about creating and managing your organization on Yaatly.

What's an "Organization" and who manages it?

In Yaatly, an Organization is a speech & debate team, club or society. Teams, clubs or societies need to create an Organization account on Yaatly to participate in online tournaments hosted on Yaatly.

Each Organization relies on an Organization Manager--usually a coach, club president or team leader--to establish and manage the Organization's account on Yaatly. Once this Organization is created, the Organization Manager can invite others to join Yaatly as Participants.

I'm the coach, club president or team leader. How do I create an Organization on Yaatly?

Sign up for a Yaatly account by visiting There you'll be asked to complete a simple registration form:

Choose a name for your Yaatly Organization (typically this is your institution's name; i.e.: "Washington High Debate" or "University of the West Literary Society")

How do I add my Organization's members to Yaatly?

Once you've created your Organization, you’ll be able to invite your Organization’s members and others to join Yaatly and affiliate with your Organization. Do this by choosing your organization from the far left menu, then selecting “Members.” There you’ll see the “Invite Members” button in the upper right hand corner.

Entering members' email addresses will send them an invitation to join Yaatly and affiliate with your Organization. NOTE: we strongly recommend that competitors (students, debaters, speakers, etc.) join Yaatly through the email invitation rather than visiting directly. Doing so avoids accidentally creating redundant organizations.

You also can view and manage the status of your Organization's members from the "Members" tab.

How to I change settings for my Organization?

You can manage your Organization's settings by selecting your Organization's account on the far left menu, then choosing "Settings" for your Organization.

From this menu, you can upload a logo or image for your Organization, change your Organization's name or delete your organization.

What is an Event?

Events typically are tournaments that you either host or attend. If you're hosting a tournament, you'll need to create an event. Check out the Guide for Tournament Directors for more details.

Usually your Organization will be invited to attend a tournament that someone else is hosting. If that's the case, you'll receive in invitation URL from the Tournament Director.

How do my Organization's members attend an event?

When you receive the Event Invitation Link from the event host (Tournament Director) you'll have the chance to invite all those affiliated with your Organization to the Event. Select your organization and press the "Invite" button.

This will activate the Event so that it appears on your members' homepages. Your members can visit their homepage to RSVP for the event:

Once they've RSVPd, they'll be able to enter the Event to participate in the tournament.

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