Tournament Directors know that the venue in which a tournament is hosted plays a critical role in the success of that event. The ability to communicate quickly with all attendees, the ability to find people when you need them, whether you can verify that everyone is where they’re supposed to be and how easy (or difficult!) competition rooms are to use can make or break a tournament.

Online tournaments face these challenges amplified by the lack of familiarity with the online approach to tournament hosting. Trying to bootstrap a solution like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex can be prohibitively expensive and, more importantly, fails to provide a Tournament Director with the tools they need to manage a successful event. How do you coordinate between a tabulation program, a communication platform for all participants, a central clearinghouse for tournament announcements and support for technical issues all while hoping your videoconferencing service remains stable? No one program, website or platform has all the tools a Tournament Director needs to manage a successful tournament.

Until now.

Yaatly is your virtual speech & debate tournament building, complete with an Auditorium for holding general assemblies, a Lobby in which postings uploaded from your tab program lead competitors directly to their Competition Rooms, private Team Rooms in which squads can strategize and prep, easy access for observers, private deliberation rooms in which judges can meet and much more. A suite of tools allows a Tournament Director to customize and manage the event as they prefer. Most importantly, all your participants gather on Yaatly in the same way they’d gather in a building for an in-person tournament.

Yaatly has . . .

  • Familiarity: designed to mimic the in-person tournament experience.

  • Stability: built on a proven, 3rd party videoconferencing platform.

  • Flexibility: can accommodate IEs and all debate formats.

  • Scalability: can handle large events--our top end is near 100,000 participants!

  • Reliability: dozens tournaments around the world have successfully run on Yaatly.

Please check out our User Guides to better understand how Yaatly can work for you!

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