Learn about Yaalty's pricing structure

How much will my tournament cost?

You reserve Yaatly just like you’d rent a building for your face-to-face event, except that Yaatly gives you more flexibility and allows you to purchase only what you plan to use. Yaatly's rental rate is based on your desired capacity for each day of your event:

You pay for your rental in user-hour credits as determined by your desired capacity and length of use. You'll be able to purchase only as many "user-hour" credits as you determine your single event will need, or you can purchase those user-hour credits at volume discounts for multiple events. A single credit is worth one unit of capacity for an hour at an event. An example will best illustrate this:

If you wish to host a one-hour event for 10 people, you will need to purchase 10 credits. If the event is two hours, you'll need to purchase 20 credits (2 hours x 10 people).

A credit is not tied to a person

Anyone can come and go from the event as long as the event capacity is not exceeded. The event capacity is the maximum number of attendees you expect to see at your event.

You always have control over your costs because Yaatly allows you to determine the user capacity and number of hours required for your event. Estimating your use is easy, especially with our Event Usage Calculator. Simply enter the number of users you expect at your event, how long the event will be, and you can see how many user-hour credits you'll need.

And you’re never limited by your estimates. If more participants want to join your event than you anticipated or if your event runs long, you'll have the option to adjust your limits. You’ll only be billed for the time and space you choose to reserve!

How do I buy credits?

You can either buy just enough credits to run your tournament or you can stock up on credits in advance to achieve volume discounts.

When you set up your event, you'll be prompted to input the date(s) and start/end times for each day of your event. Yaatly will automatically calculate the number of credits you'll need:

Once you've reviewed your event's parameters, you'll see a screen that shows how many credits you have an how many you'll need:

If you don't have sufficient credits, you'll be prompted to purchase more in your account page:

Your account page is accessible under your Profile on your home page. Click the person icon in the upper left-hand corner to get to your account where you'll see your credit balance. Click "Add more" to purchase additional credits:

You can then select the number of credits you want to purchase. The per-credit amount varies depending on the number you're buying.

You can add credits at any time--you don't need to wait until you set up your tournament. You can always access your account from your Organization home page. Buying credits in advance allows you to achieve significant discounts in your per-user cost. Read on!

Volume Discounts

Hosting multiple events? Using Yaatly for regularly scheduled practices? You're able to purchase credits in advance to receive volume discounts. Your credits remain accessible through your account and will never expire. With volume discounts, your users can access Yaatly for as little as $0.20 per hour! Our volume pricing tiers are as follows:


Price per credit

1 - 499


500 - 999


1000 - 2499


2500 - 4999


5000 - 9999


10000 - 19999




Pricing FAQ

What if I don’t know how many users will come to my event or how many hours my event will run?

Like reserving a physical event space, you’ll need to make the best estimate you can. We would be happy to help you make accurate estimates for your event; just contact us!

What if I underestimate the number of users who'll attend, or the number of hours my event will run?

You can always adjust your limits to accommodate additional users or time and to purchase credits to cover those additional user-hours (or use additional credits you’ve already purchased).

What if I overestimate the number of users or the number of hours my event will have?

When you set the parameters of your event, we reserve that space for you on Yaatly’s servers. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide refunds for unused space or time. We encourage you to be conservative in your estimates while at the same time building in cushions for unanticipated users or delays.

What if I don’t use all the credits I purchased for my event?

Your credits never expire! You can always see your credit balance in your account and you’ll be able to apply unused credits to future events.

What if participants in my event come and go throughout the day? Do they count as a new “user” each time they enter?

Your event’s capacity on Yaatly is not tied to particular users. Like a physical building, the capacity you set is a maximum number of users that can be on Yaatly at any given time. If you have set capacity for only one person from 10:00 - 12:00, for example, that capacity could be met by Participant A from 10:00 - 11:00 and by Participant B from 11:00 - 12:00. This is particularly convenient for tournaments that rely on volunteer judges who may come for only a round or two during the course of a tournament.

How do I track user-hours consumed?

We understand that some users may spend more or less time on Yaatly than others. Our pricing does not require you to track individual users' usage. Instead, we simplify the process by allowing you to determine the capacity and hours you need for your event. We then use that information to determine your rental price. This approach gives you the certainty of knowing your costs before your event begins.

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