Quick Start Guide

Check this short guide for getting your tournament up-and-running!


If you prefer, you're welcome to check out the Quickstart Playlist to review the following videos:


If you've never used Yaatly before (or never hosted an online tournament before), follow these steps to get started:

  1. Set up your Organization. All events are hosted by Organizations. Usually, your organization is the speech and debate program that you manage. The person in charge of your speech and debate program is usually the person who sets up your organization.

  2. Invite others to join your Organization. All those affiliated with your program (students, club members, debaters, etc.) will need to affiliate with your Organization to participate in events on Yaatly. When other organizations invite your Organization to events, your Organization's members can attend.

  3. Create an Event. Events are tournaments, practice sessions, workshops, etc. hosted on Yaatly. For events, an Organization specifies the start and end date and time. You'll receive information about the cost of using Yaatly when you set up your event.

  4. Invite other Organizations to your Event. Once your event is set up, you can invite other Organizations to join by sharing the Event URL. Typically, these are Organizations that plan to compete in your tournament. When you invite an Organization to your event, all members of that Organization can attend by RSVPing through their home page.

  5. Manage your tournament. From the lobby of your event, you'll be able to display a posting for upcoming rounds, create competition rooms, make announcements, communicate with individuals at your tournament and do all the things you need to do to make a tournament happen.

  6. Participate in a tournament. Participating in a tournament on Yaatly is much like participating in a face-to-face tournament. You can attend briefings in the auditorium, meet up with other members of your Organization in your team room and participate in debates in competition rooms.

Each of the titles in the Quick Start guide links to more extended directions in our User Guides. Feel free to explore to find out even more about using Yaatly!

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